Colin Towery
Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering

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Colin is a third-year PhD student in his sixth year overall at CU Boulder. He joined the Mechanical Engineering Master’s program way back in Spring 2012, a full semester before his eventual advisor, Dr. Peter Hamlington, joined the Department. After having some fun designing and testing a CubeSat at the Colorado Space Grant Consortium, Colin joined Dr. Hamlington’s Turbulence and Energy Systems Laboratory in May 2013. His first project, programming and running simulations of a rotating detonation engine, was far more fun than he thought possible, so he stuck around for the PhD and still hasn’t bothered to file any paperwork for his MS degree.

An alumnus of Washington University in St. Louis, Colin spent two years as an undergraduate member of the Wash. U. Aerospace Systems Laboratory and Saint Louis University Space Systems Research Laboratory learning spacecraft systems engineering, where he discovered a passion for thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and computational modeling. After graduating with a BSMS in 2010 he took an 18 month break from academics and engineering before arriving at CU in January, 2012. Colin jumped up to the PhD program in June 2014 and is currently a PhD candidate with plans to defend his dissertation in August 2017.


Research Interests

Modeling, analyzing, and optimizing applied engineering problems, including advanced combustion concepts using data-driven techniques including reduced degree-of-freedom approximation through spectral and modal bases, uncertainty quantification, data assimilation, and adjoint optimization.


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